They said it would come, and it did.  SNOW. Wonderful snow! This cold blast has been nicknamed the ‘beast from the east’.

 Eventually the sun made an appearance this afternoon, and suddenly all was well in my little patch of the world.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and serenely silent, apart from the little birds chittering and the slips of snow falling from the trees.

 Happy day.



Baobab Baby

Well.  I am so excited and a little bit surprised!  Just one week ago I was doubtful as to whether any baobabs would grow, but two beautiful little seedlings have popped up, looking green and lush.  Eventually, with a lot of time, effort and love, they will become a part of my expanding bonsai collection (I hope).

Oh, and I have decided to call them Bilbo and Frodo 😊 (long story!)



And yes, I have worked out how to add photos to my blogs!

New Beginnings

Being an absolute beginner to the world of blogging, and fairly new to the world of bonsai, I am fully aware that there is a tremendous amount to learn for both.  I feel more than a little intimidated at the thought of writing my experiences down, but I shall do so, encouraged by my family and friends. 

I know virtually nothing about blogging and even less about plugins, widgets, and Domains! Undeterred by this, I plucked up the courage to play with some of the features of WordPress, and successfully managed to change my layout. I am quite pleased with the result so far. Baby steps…

On the gardening front, I recently bought some acacia seeds to try out. Being in the UK we don’t have the climate for these plants, so this is very much an indoor project. I sanded the seeds, soaked them in hot water overnight, then popped them into pots in my propagator.  I am so amazed to see that, after only two days, 2 of them have started to sprout!  They will soon join my lemon and mango seedlings, which are about two months old now, and looking beautifully glossy and healthy.  I have also planted a handful of baobab seeds in the propagator, after giving them the same treatment, but they could take a very long time to emerge (if at all!).  Fingers crossed and bucket loads of Patience !!!

I am learning to play the recorder too.  This week I learnt the final note needed to allow me to play (albeit badly) one of my husband’s favourite songs – Scarborough Fair.  Can’t wait to play it for him (poor man) xx