New Beginnings

Being an absolute beginner to the world of blogging, and fairly new to the world of bonsai, I am fully aware that there is a tremendous amount to learn for both.  I feel more than a little intimidated at the thought of writing my experiences down, but I shall do so, encouraged by my family and friends. 

I know virtually nothing about blogging and even less about plugins, widgets, and Domains! Undeterred by this, I plucked up the courage to play with some of the features of WordPress, and successfully managed to change my layout. I am quite pleased with the result so far. Baby steps…

On the gardening front, I recently bought some acacia seeds to try out. Being in the UK we don’t have the climate for these plants, so this is very much an indoor project. I sanded the seeds, soaked them in hot water overnight, then popped them into pots in my propagator.  I am so amazed to see that, after only two days, 2 of them have started to sprout!  They will soon join my lemon and mango seedlings, which are about two months old now, and looking beautifully glossy and healthy.  I have also planted a handful of baobab seeds in the propagator, after giving them the same treatment, but they could take a very long time to emerge (if at all!).  Fingers crossed and bucket loads of Patience !!!

I am learning to play the recorder too.  This week I learnt the final note needed to allow me to play (albeit badly) one of my husband’s favourite songs – Scarborough Fair.  Can’t wait to play it for him (poor man) xx